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INBAR design competition - award winner transporation category
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When INBAR challenged the designers of the world to showcase their sustainable eco-friendly concepts in one of four categories (clothing, food and drink, shelter, transportation), Evermax Global jumped at the opportunity. Evermax Global chose to compete in the transportation category and enlisted the help of Synthesis Labs to design a bamboo bicycle for kids to enter into the competition. We knew going in that we were up against a fierce challenge from designers, design firms, and manufacturers from all four corners of the globe, but when the dust settled, our design was chosen by INBAR as the top design in the transportation category.

You could say that the news comes as no surprise, and we would be inclined to agree with you. After all, we always push ourselves to reach the pinnacle of exceptional product design, and when we reach that point, we push ourselves even further.

What is more satisfying to us than winning a product design competition? The fact that our design will teach the next generation to build a more sustainable future for us all.

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